Secure Communication Framework for Networked Tele-Health Applications

Duration: 2011-now
Funding: TRUST
Researchers: Aaron Bestick, Po Yan

Wireless personal computing and other telehealth devices can provide users with numerous health and wellness services. Sensor data collected by such devices can be used for a variety of applications, including logging for later review, processing to provide immediate, automated feedback to promote healthy behaviors, or transmission in real-time as part of a remote consultation with one or more healthcare providers. However, disclosure of this data presents a privacy risk. Current systems for controlling privacy of patient data focus on limiting access to repositories of stored data, but these systems are not applicable to real-time telehealth applications.

We have developed a software framework which allows users to control the transmission of their personal data in a real-time, interactive environment. The system controls access to data on the collecting device, rather than on a third-party server, and imposes a consistent permissions model on data streams collected on heterogeneous devices and software platforms. The framework also provides services important in a healthcare environment, including audit logging of user activities, authentication of users and devices, and encrypted data transfer.


  • A. Bestick, P. Yan, R. Bajcsy, TRUST Meeting Poster.