In this section we feature some of the software that has been developed in the lab and is publicly available.

Berkeley Telemonitoring Project

Berkeley Telemonitoring project is an open source framework for building smartphone applications for remote health monitoring on Android operating system. Please, refer to the link below for more information.
Berkeley Telemonitoring: Privacy Aware Health-Monitoring

Camera Calibration Code

Two packages for calibration of multiple cameras were developed in the past as part of the Tele-immersion project. The source code was released as Open Source with a BSD license. Note that the source code is provided as is and minimal or no support can be expected. Please, refer to the 'readme.txt' file inside the repositories for more information.

  • Intrinsic Camera Calibration: Package for calibrating a single, a pair, or more cameras that share similar viewing space using a checkerboard.
  • Extrinsic Camera Calibration: Package for obtaining extrinsic calibration of multiple cameras that share the same workspace volume using LED-based approach*.

*G. Kurillo, Z. Li, R. Bajcsy, Wide-Area External Multi-Camera Calibration Using Vision Graphs and Virtual Calibration Object,” In Proceedings of 2nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDSC ’08), Stanford, CA, 2008
# Download OpenCV 2.2. with Visual Studio 2010 binaries here.