Development of Novel Upper Extremity Outcome Measures Using 3D-Vision Technology

Duration: 2011-now
Funding: NIH U01, PPMD
Collaborators: Dr. Jay Han, UC Davis Medical Center
Researchers: Gregorij Kurillo, Robert Matthew


  • Development and validation of new upper-extremity outcome measure for functional evaluation in patients with musculoskeletal impairments.
  • Data acquisition methodology is based on Microsoft Kinect camera.
  • Validation of reachable workspace outcome measure using standardized clinical tests.

    Reachable workspace obtained from kinematic measurements from 3D vision camera is used as a proxy of upper-limb function. We are currently clinically validating the proposed outcome measure in a group of patients with various neuromuscular disorders.

    Physical therapy, testing of drug effectiveness, remote health care, ergonomics.


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