Motion Capture

We have a PhaseSpace IMPULSE Motion Capture System in the Tele-Immersion lab for precise high-speed 3D motion capture. The system consists of 10 cameras each with a resolution of 3600 x 3600 pixels, and can achieve up to 480 frames/sec and support 38 nodes to within millimeter accuracy.

The system is flexible and can be configured to capture many kinds of objects and movements. For human motion, we have a spandex suit along with head cap for full body capture. All data can be monitored and played back in real-time. Captured data can be exported to various file formats (currently c3d, various text formats, and Matlab MAT format). In addition, we have capabilities to record video from multiple view-points and wireless sensor data (e.g., accelerometers, EMG).

The system is available for research use. Please contact Gregorij (gregorij (at) eecs . berkeley . edu) or more information.